About Us

We passionately LOVE dance, and we think we have the best jobs ever! We love working with your children and love teaching them. We’re super picky with our technique, but try to teach it in a way that’s age appropriate and positive. We want dancers to learn correctly but don’t want them frustrated with the process. We want everyone to love dance as much as we do!

SCHEDULING AND FEES:  We want this whole experience to be positive for families and parents. There are so many things that compete for our time and money, so we’re really careful to not over-schedule families or demand too much from their budgets. We try to keep our costs down and keep our schedules simple. We also know that sometimes families schedules are like puzzles, with each piece fitting in carefully. We don’t like surprising families with last minute rehearsals, etc. because it has a ripple effect on the whole family. We respect your time and let you know well in advance when we schedule anything extra (like picture day, an extra rehearsal, etc.)  so you can arrange your schedules. We also expect the same consideration in return and ask that families let us know ahead of time when their dancer will be out of town, etc.  Our studio has an equal payment plan so you pay the same amount every month, September through April (our dance season). We total up all of the class tuition that will be owed, the costume fees, and concert fee, then we divide that amount into equal monthly payments. It makes it easier for families to budget, and allows you to know ahead of time what will be expected of you throughout the dance season. Our ballroom competition fees AREN’T included in the equal monthly payments.

CLASSES OFFERED: We offer classical ballet and ballroom. In our ballroom program we have teams for dancers age 7-18, and a Show Team for teens and young adults with special needs. Our ballroom teacher also offers private lessons to couples desiring to compete open.

BALLET– We teach classical ballet for dancers age 4+. Our youngest students aren’t ready for a traditional ballet class yet, so their classes consist of a lot of fun activities and exercises. I call it pre-school for their bodies! They develop muscle tone and coordination, learn to follow instruction, learn patterning, right and left, memorization, basic steps, choreography, etc. in a fun classroom setting. As dancers get older they transition into a more traditional ballet program with barre, center floor, across the floor combinations, and choreography. We’re careful to teach the correct technique and terminology and keep class fun and enjoyable. Younger students have classes one day a week, and our older students have classes two days per week. Our ballet students perform at The Festival of Trees in November and in our studio’s Spring Concert in April. Each class performs two dances in concert. We keep our costuming very simple, modest, and affordable. And the ballet students get to keep both of their tutus after concert.

BALLROOM TEAMS- Our ballroom teams meet one day a week where they learn syllabus technique and choreographed team routines. We offer ballroom for dancers age 7-18 and divide our teams into different age and ability levels. We’re careful with our costuming, music, and choreography, and keep it VERY modest. We like ballroom dancing to be fun and classy and we don’t allow any of the questionable stuff at our studio. We participate in several local performances and competitions throughout our dance season: DECEMBER-compete syllabus at Christmas Classic in Rexburg the first or second Saturday in December. JANUARY-perform team routines at the Eastern Idaho Ballroom Concert in Idaho Falls. FEBRUARY-our oldest teams travel to Utah and compete syllabus and team routines. MARCH- compete syllabus and team routines at Gem State in Idaho Falls *always held during Spring Break.  APRIL- perform team routines in our studio’s Spring Concert. JUNE- we have a fun Summer Ballroom Camp for our dancers to get started on their syllabus, followed by a BBQ and swimming party.

BALLROOM SHOW TEAM- Our Show Team is for teens and young adults with special needs, with peer tutor volunteers from our competition teams. It meets one day a week, and they learn various styles of ballroom dance and choreographed team routines. We want ALL of our dancers to be successful and have fun, so we work closely with parents to make sure our program is accommodating. Our Show Team performs at The Festival of Trees in November and in our studio’s Spring Concert in April. Last year our Show Team also performed in the talent show at the Eastern Idaho Down Syndrome Connect Halloween party. We’re careful with our costuming, music, and choreography, and keep it modest and classy.

You can register on our website If you have any questions please contact Annette at 208-589-0382. I’m happy to help!

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