About Us

We passionately LOVE dance, and we think we have the best jobs ever! We love working with your children and love teaching them. We’re super picky with our technique, but try to teach it in a way that’s age appropriate and positive. We want dancers to learn correctly but don’t want them frustrated with the process. We want everyone to love dance as much as we do!

We also want this whole experience to be positive for families and parents. There are so many things that compete for our time and money, so we’re really careful to not over-schedule families or demand too much from their budgets. We try to keep our costs down and keep our schedules simple. We also know that sometimes families schedules are like puzzles, with each piece fitting in carefully. We don’t like surprising families with last minute rehearsals, etc. because it has a ripple effect on the whole family. We respect your time, and let you know well in advance when we schedule anything extra (like picture day, an extra rehearsal, etc.)  so you can arrange your schedules.

All of our dancers perform in our spring concert, with each class/team performing two dances. We keep our costuming very simple, modest, and affordable. The concert is usually held the end of April.

In addition to the spring concert, our ballet students perform at The Festival of Trees in Idaho Falls in November. The dancers will learn part of one of their spring concert dances to perform at the Festival of Trees.

All of our ballroom students (beginning through advanced) will be competing syllabus again this year in the Christmas Classic. Dancers are partnered with others from their class, and each couple competes at their own level. It’s a fun opportunity to be around so many other ballroom dancers, and get a great start on their technique for the year! The competition fees aren’t included in their monthly tuition payments, and are usually about $12/dancer.

Our PreTeen, and Jr/Youth ballroom teams will also compete at Gem State Classic which is usually held in March in Idaho Falls. This is a big, national competition, and is always lots of fun. The dancers will need to miss school for this competition. The PreTeens usually compete on Thursday, with the Juniors and Youth competing on Friday and Saturday. The competition fees aren’t included in their monthly tuition payments, and are usually about $40 for Gem State.

All of our PreTeen, and Jr/Youth ballroom teams will be performing at the Eastern Idaho Ballroom Concert at the Civic Auditorium (usually held in January). This is a fun BIG concert with all of the ballroom teams from the area participating. There is no additional cost for our dancers to participate in this concert, although there is a small admission cost for audience members. Dancers will have a dress rehearsal on stage that morning, and the performances are in the afternoon and evening.

All of our Jr/Youth ballroom teams will be competing at a ballroom competition in Logan, Utah (usually held in February). This is a really fun experience for our dancers. They grow a lot as a team, and get to compete with dancers from Utah and Idaho.

Our studio has an equal payment plan, so you pay the same amount every month, September through April (our dance season). We total up all of the class tuition that will be owed, the recital fee, and the costume fee, then we divide that amount into equal monthly payments. It makes it easier for families to budget, and allows you to know ahead of time what will be expected of you throughout the dance season. No one likes expensive surprises!

You can register on our website If you have any questions please contact us!

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