Rigby, Shelley, Rexburg, Idaho Falls Ballet classesBallet in Rigby, Idaho

Ballet is a beautiful art form, and a great way to have fun, make friends, and get the experience and confidence that comes with performing in front of people. Our ballet isn’t the ballet-style lyrical that is taught at so many other studios. This is true, classical ballet that is studied throughout the world. It’s the real deal, with good technique that I learned in my ballet company and as I studied ballet at BYU.

Dancers can join our youngest pre-ballet class at four years old.  They are way too young for a full, classical ballet class, so we teach them a lot of ballet basics in a fun, creative environment.  As dancers get older, we transition them to a full, classical ballet program. As dancers progress through our ballet classes they develop muscle tone and better flexibility, better posture and musicality, and gain more confidence. When our dancers are ready they’re invited to go on pointe. This is a fun, challenging, beautiful, art form!

Our pre-ballet class meets once a week for 45 minutes. Our younger ballet classes meet once a week for an hour. As dancers get older they come twice a week, and dance for 3 to 4 hours total, including a strength and conditioning class. That really isn’t enough hours or days per week in an ideal ballet world, but it fits in with busy schedules and tight budgets. We ask that the dancers practice and work out at home in addition to their classes each week.

We accept dancers that are at any ability level, beginning through advanced. This includes teens and pre-teens that have never danced before. So many girls missed out on the opportunity to dance when they were younger, and they think it’s too late for them. It’s NOT too late! Everyone is welcome at our studio, regardless of their previous experience. And we accept any body style or size. We don’t produce dancers that go on to professional careers, but we help everyone learn ballet! And we make sure they’re taught it correctly so they’re prepared to enter dance programs at universities, or work as teachers if that’s something they desire.

Our ballet students perform in our spring concert and at The Festival of Trees in Idaho Falls. For spring concert each of our ballet classes performs two dances, and at Festival of Trees each class performs one of their concert dances. We keep our costuming very simple, modest and affordable, and ballet students keep their costumes after concert.

We take a yearly field trip with our older ballet students to watch a professional, full-length ballet performed by Ballet West in Salt Lake City. It’s a wonderful experience for our girls (and moms, if they’re available), to be able to experience this every year, and we have LOTS of fun staying in a hotel, swimming, and window shopping at City Creek. The Salt Lake trip isn’t included in the monthly tuition payments and it’s optional.

*Class dress code: hair in a bun, black short sleeved leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes/pointe shoes.

Optional: black ballet skirt or black trunks may be worn if desired.

On your registration form you can put “ballet” or “ballroom” and we will place your dancer in the class where we feel they will learn the best and have the best experience.

*Price listed is an equal monthly payment plan which includes both costumes and their concert fee.  Your payment is the same every month, even in November and December when we have fewer classes (those months, less of your payment goes towards tuition and more goes towards the costume/concert fees).

Pre-Ballet        approx. ages 4-5          45 min/week    $45/month

Ballet 2            approx. ages 6-7         1 hour/week     $50/month

Ballet 3-4         approx. ages 8-11       2 hours/week    $60/month   (on one night, dancers will have class for 1.5 hours followed by a fun strength and conditioning class)

Pointe & pre-pointe (twice/week)   4 hours/week (split between two nights)   $85/month