Ballroom Show Team

Ballroom Show Team
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Ballroom Show Team (for dancers with special needs and their peer tutors)

Ballroom is completely amazing, and we feel that EVERYONE should do ballroom! It’s a great way to make friends, learn fun dances, get exercise, and get to perform. You’ll use what you learn in ballroom for the rest of your life!

Our Show Team meets once a week for an hour long class. Teens and young adults with special needs are partnered with peer tutor volunteers from our ballroom competition teams.  They learn various styles of ballroom dance, as well as choreographed team routines.

Monthly cost is $50 for boys and $55 for girls. We total up the tuition, costume fees, and concert fee, then divide it into equal monthly payments. Dancers pay the same amount every month, even in November and December when we have fewer classes (those months, less goes towards tuition and more goes towards the costume and concert fees). This equal payment plan makes budgeting easier for families.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR GIRLS:  Because girls ballroom dresses cost a lot more money than boys costumes, ballroom girls are required to pay a one time costume fee of $40 per year, due by October 1st.  They also need to purchase ballroom shoes and tan tights. The shoes have a flat heel for safety, and cost approx. $45 plus shipping. We can help you order what you need!

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR BOYS: Boys will need to provide their own black church pants, black socks, and a white, long sleeved church shirt. They’ll also need to purchase black ballroom shoes. The shoes cost approx. $45 plus shipping, and we can help you order what you need!

PERFORMANCES:  The Show Team does two performances per year, but we may add an additional performance if we’re invited and if it works with everyone’s schedules. (Last year the Show Team performed at the Eastern Idaho Down Syndrome Family Connect Halloween talent show, in addition to the performances listed below).

Festival of Trees Performance in Idaho Falls  in November. Our Show Team performs a choreographed team routine that they’ll learn in class.  Dancers don’t need to pay admission, but admission fees are charged for family members and friends wanting to come and watch the performance. All proceeds benefit the Development Workshop. 

Spring Concert in Rigby or Rexburg, usually the end of April or first part of May.  All of the dancers from our studio perform in this big, end of the year recital. Our Show Team will be performing their dance from Festival of Trees as well as a new dance they’ll learn the second half of the year. Admission is free, and everyone is welcome to come and watch.

Costuming, music, and choreography: 

We’re SUPER careful with our costuming, music selection, and choreography to make sure it’s modest, age appropriate, and just generally good and uplifting! The costumes are rented and need to be returned in good condition at the end of spring concert. We wash the costumes and take care of them, and ask that the dancers also help take care of them, being careful and respectful with them so they’ll stay nice. Dancers are required to provide their own dance shoes and items listed under their specific team.


Registration/team placement:

We don’t hold auditions for our ballroom teams. All dancers that register are admitted onto a team, and we place them where we feel they’ll learn the best. We divide dancers onto teams based on their age and ability level. We like to have even numbers of boys and girls on our ballroom teams. Everyone on the team switches partners and dances with everyone in the class.

Classes and practices:

We know that families have a lot of things competing for their time, so we keep our scheduling as simple as possible. We usually don’t have extra practices, but when we occasionally need one we give families as much advanced notice as possible. Our ballroom teams meet once a week for an hour and a half, and during that time they work on their team routines and syllabus.              *NEW THIS YEAR… Starting this year we’re offering “Ballroom Technique Classes” ! We’re SUPER excited to be able to offer these! During team we’re limited on the amount of material that can be covered in the short amount of time. But there’s sooo much more technique that needs to be learned! So now dancers have the opportunity to take a Ballroom Technique Class! In the technique class they’ll be working on all of those picky little details (technique!) that make a huge difference in their dancing. This class is designed as an “add-on class” and is only for dancers that are members of our team. During team they get the syllabus, team choreography, and as much technique as there’s time for (exactly like in previous years), and in the technique class they’ll get a LOT more technique! Yea! I’m sooo excited to see the difference this is going to make in our dancers!!! We’re keeping the cost super reasonable (only $10/month) so it’s an affordable option for everyone. The technique classes aren’t mandatory, but we encourage ALL of our Youth, Junior, and more advanced PreTeens to take them. They’ll truly make a huge difference in their dancing. The technique classes will be taught on a rotating schedule, with Latin and Rhythm technique one week, and Standard and Smooth technique the following week.

*ALSO NEW THIS YEAR…Special Needs Ballroom Class:This year we’re starting a new Special Needs Class for approx. ages 13+. It’ll be a fun, safe place for people with different abilities to learn ballroom and be able to perform. Our Special Needs Class will be performing at The Festival of Trees in November and in our Spring Concert the end of April or first part of May. This class will have the same fun costumes, class dress code, tuition/costume fees, commitment deposit, and girls costume fee as our ballroom teams, but they won’t have competitions or competition fees. Students are welcome and encouraged to bring their workers with them to classes and performances. We’re also allowing some of our experienced ballroom dancers to volunteer as peer tutors. Please help spread the word and invite your friends to this new, fun class!


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8TH FROM 6-7:30 PM OR THURSDAY AUGUST 30 FROM 6:00-7:30 PM. COME AND MEET US AND SEE THE STUDIO, WE’D LOVE TO MEET YOU! Located at our studio: 4155 East 300 North, Rigby. At our home-based business located two miles east of Rigby.


PreTeen, Junior, Youth, and Special Needs ballroom teams:

Our PreTeen Teams are for boys and girls that are 9-12 years old. Our Junior Teams are for boys and girls that are 13-15 years old. Our Youth Teams are for boys and girls that are 16-18 years old. These teams meet for 1 1/2 hours a week, once a week. Our Special Needs team is for boys and girls approx 13+ years old (no upper age limit), and meets for 1 hour per week. All of our ballroom teams have the same monthly payment: $50 for boys, and $55 for girls (girls costumes are more expensive than boys costumes) and includes their tuition, concert fee, and their costume rental. Payments are the same every month, even in November and December when we have fewer classes. Those months, less of the payment goes towards tuition and more goes towards their costume and concert fees.

The Ballroom Technique Classes (described above) meet for one hour/week and are only $10/month when added to the cost of the team. Their payment is the same every month, even in November and December when we have fewer classes.

In addition to the monthly cost, ALL ballroom girls are required to pay an additional $40 costume fee due by October 1st.

The competition fees (for PreTeen, Junior, and Youth teams) and travel expenses (for the Junior and Youth Teams) aren’t included in the monthly payment amount. The fee for Christmas Classic is usually about $12/dancer. The Gem State fee is usually about $45/dancer, and Utah Classic (for Junior and Youth only) will be approx. $125/dancer.

class dress code for PreTeen, Junior,Youth, and Special Needs Teams:

Team shirt or dance camp t-shirt, with black or dark grey bottoms (warm up pants, shorts, leggings, etc, as long as they’re black or dark grey). No levis! Girls hair needs to be pulled up in a ponytail or bun, and pulled away from face. Dancers also need to wear their ballroom shoes to class each week.

Items needed for girls on the PreTeen, Junior, Youth, and Special Needs teams:

Team jacket (strongly recommended but not required), team shirt for class, black or dark grey leggings or warm up pants for class, tan ballroom shoes, tan tights, black trunks, tan leotard. Everyone except the special needs team will also need a black knee length skirt for syllabus, and a white blouse for syllabus. Junior and Youth girls will also need fishnet tights and fake eyelashes. All of these items (except the white syllabus blouse) can be ordered at our parent meeting/dance swap day in the fall.

Items needed for boys on the PreTeen, Junior,Youth, and Special Needs teams:

Team jacket (strongly recommended but not required), team shirt for class, black or dark grey warm up pants or shorts for class, black compression shorts, black ballroom shoes, black socks, black Latin pants for performances and competitions (beginning PreTeens and the special needs team may wear black church pants if desired). Everyone except the special needs team will also need a white long sleeved church shirt for syllabus, tie or bow tie for syllabus, optional black vest for syllabus. All of these items (except the church clothes) can be ordered at our parent meeting/dance swap day in the fall.


*Class dress code: ALL of our ballroom dancers will need to wear their team shirts or ballroom camp t-shirts to team each week with black or dark grey bottoms (exercise pants, shorts, black leggings with skirts, NO LEVIS), and their ballroom shoes. Boys need to wear compression shorts under their exercise pants. Girls need their hair in a ponytail or bun and pulled away from their face (a bun or French braid is nicer because ponytails flip the boys in the face). In addition, ALL PreTeen, Jr, and Youth dancers are strongly encouraged to have a team jacket this year to wear to the competitions (Pee Wee dancers and dancers on the Special Needs Team may purchase a team jacket if desired).

*Dance wear orders: Jackets, team shirts, dance shoes, Latin pants, leotards, tights, etc. can be ordered on the last day of ballroom camp or at our Shoe Swap Day in the fall. Items must be paid for when ordered.

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