Class schedule & Fees

2018-2019 Classes offered in Classical Ballet and Ballroom

Ballet: All of our ballet classes will be performing at The Festival of Trees in Idaho Falls in November, and performing two dances in our spring concert. All of the costume fees and concert fees are included in your monthly payment. Ballet students keep both of their tutus at the end of the year.

*Class dress code: hair in a bun, black short sleeved leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes/pointe shoes. Black ballet skirt or black trunks may be worn if desired.

*Price listed is an equal monthly payment plan which includes their tuition, both costumes, and their concert fee. Your payment is the same every month, even in November and December when we have fewer classes (those months less of your payment goes towards tuition and more goes towards the costume/concert fees).

On your registration form you can put “ballet” , “ballroom team” , “ballroom technique class” and we will place your dancer in the class where we feel they will learn the best and have the best experience.

Pre-Ballet            approx. ages 4-5            45 min/week            $45/month

Ballet 2                 approx. ages 6-7           1hour/week              $50/month

Ballet 3-4             approx. ages 8-11         2 hours/week            $60/month    Class is one night/week for 1 1/2 hours, followed by a fun 1/2 hour strength and conditioning class. 

Pointe & Pre-Pointe     4 hours/week            $85/month    Class meets on two nights/week and includes a fun strength and conditioning class. 



Ballroom: All of our ballroom students compete syllabus in a competition in Rexburg, usually held the first Saturday in December. In addition, our teams will be performing at the Eastern Idaho Ballroom Concert held at the Civic Auditorium in January. Our PreTeen, Junior, and Youth teams will also compete their syllabus and team routines at Gem State in Idaho Falls in March. We will also be taking our oldest team to a competition in Logan, Utah in February. ALL of our teams will be performing in our spring concert the end of April.

*Ballroom Technique Classes: NEW THIS YEAR!!! We’re excited to offer Ballroom Technique Classes! During team, dancers are taught their team routines, syllabus routines, and as much technique as they have time for. But there simply isn’t enough time during an hour and a half team to cover very much technique…. So now our dancers have the opportunity to take a technique class that will focus on all of the awesome, picky little technique things that they need! This class is designed as an add-on class for our team members. They add it on to their team that they’re already coming to. The class is one hour/week and only costs $10/month for our team members. (If dancers are interested in taking this class without being on a team, the technique class is $45/month). We kept the cost very affordable so EVERYONE can take advantage of this opportunity. We’re excited to provide our dancers with the additional technique that they need. This class will cover Latin and Rhythm technique one week, and Standard and Smooth technique the following week, taught in a rotating, every-other-week schedule. Dancers are required to come every week if they register for the class. This class is designed for dancers on our Youth teams, Junior teams, and our more advanced Pre-Teen team. It’s NOT for PeeWee dancers or beginning PreTeen dancers.

*Class dress code: ALL of our ballroom dancers will need to wear their team shirts or ballroom camp t-shirts to team each week with black or dark grey bottoms (exercise pants, shorts, black leggings with skirts, NO LEVIS), and their ballroom shoes. Boys need to wear compression shorts under their exercise pants. Girls need their hair in a ponytail or bun and pulled away from their face (a bun is nicer, because ponytails flip the boys in the face). In addition, ALL PreTeen, Jr, and Youth dancers are strongly encouraged to have a team jacket this year (Pee Wee dancers may purchase a team jacket if desired).

*Commitment deposit: We require a $50 commitment deposit from all of our ballroom dancers, due by October 1st. The deposit will be refunded to you at Spring Concert once your dancer has fulfilled his/her team commitments for the year. Since ballroom teams require even numbers of boys and girls and since ballroom choreography has set formations, spacing, counts, etc, we really need dancers on our teams that are committed to their team for the entire dance season (September through May). It’s really difficult on ALL of the team members when we have dancers that can’t/won’t attend practices, performances, or the competitions, or when dancers drop from the team before the end of the dance season (Spring Concert). When dancers don’t fulfill their commitments, valuable class time is taken away from the committed team members when we have to re-teach choreography, replace team members, etc. Hopefully by having this commitment deposit we’ll only have dancers register that are truly committed to their team, we can get a lot more accomplished in the time we have, and we can have a GREAT dance season! If dancers don’t fulfill their responsibilities as outlined in the contract, their commitment deposit will be forfeited.

*Competition fees: The competition fees are in addition to your monthly payment and are approx $12/dancer for the December competition, approx $40/dancer for Gem State, and approx $65/dancer for the Logan competition.

*Summer Ballroom Camp: We have an annual Summer Ballroom Camp and our ballroom students are encouraged to attend, if possible. This year it will be held on June 12, 13, 14, 15, 2018. Dancers have several hours of instruction each day, and they’re divided into different classes according to age and ability levels. On the last day we have a casual performance for the parents, followed by a potluck barbecue and swim party. We get a lot accomplished during camp, but also have a LOT of fun! If dancers aren’t able to attend camp, they’re asked to learn the material on their own before teams start in the fall. We post the material on our private Facebook page so everyone can review it and learn it. Cost and times are being determined, watch for more info!

*Costume fee: Ballroom girls have an additional costume fee of $40/dancer, due October 1st.

*Price listed is an equal monthly payment plan which includes their tuition, costume rentals, and concert fee. Your payment is the same every month even in November and December when we have fewer classes (those months, less of your payment goes towards tuition and more goes towards the costume/concert fees). The monthly payment is more for girls than it is for boys because girls costumes are more expensive than boys costumes.

On your registration form you can put “ballet” , “ballroom team” , and “ballroom technique class” and we will place your dancer in the class where we feel they will learn the best and have the best experience.

Pee-Wee Team            7-9 yrs       PW bronze syllabus            Boys $35/mo.     Girls $40/mo.

Pre-Teen Blue Team   9-12 yrs     PT bronze syllabus             Boys $50/mo.     Girls $55/mo.

Pre-Teen Silver Team  10-12 yrs   PT silver syllabus               Boys $50/mo.     Girls $55/mo.

Junior Blue Team         13-15 yrs    JR bronze syllabus            Boys $50/mo.     Girls $55/mo.

Junior Silver Team        13-15 yrs   JR silver syllabus               Boys $50/mo.     Girls $55/mo.

Youth Blue Team         16-18 yrs    YTH bronze syllabus        Boys $50/mo.     Girls $55/mo.

Youth Silver Team       16-18 yrs    YTH silver syllabus           Boys $50/mo.     Girls $55/mo. 

Ballroom Technique Class      $10/month when added on to the cost of one of our teams

Ballroom Technique Class        $45/month for dancers that aren’t a member of our team