Policies & Dress Code

Dress Code for Ballet

Dancers need to wear a black short sleeved leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes/pointe shoes to class each week, with their hair pulled up in a bun if it’s long enough. Please leave jewelry, big hair accessories, etc. at home. Dancers can choose to wear a short black ballet skirt or black trunks if desired.

Click here to read where to buy ballet things.

Dress Code for Ballroom

Ballroom boys and girls need to bring their ballroom shoes to class each week to change into (don’t wear street shoes in the studio). For class they need to wear their team shirt or ballroom camp t-shirt with black or dark grey warm up pants, shorts with tights or running spandex under them, skirts with leggings, etc. NO jeans are allowed. Girls hair needs to be pulled up in a ponytail or bun (off neck and out of face). No extreme hair styles (for boys or girls) are allowed. (No mohawks, shaved sections, extreme colors, etc). No jewelry or piercings may be worn for competitions or performances unless approved by director (some costumes have earrings as part of the costume). Hair must be neatly trimmed and styled for competitions and performances. Look your best!

Shoes: Girls wear tan ballroom shoes (we can help you know what to order at the Dance Swap day). Boys wear black ballroom shoes (PeeWees and new PreTeens may wear black church shoes if desired, but they’re more difficult to dance in).

For the ballroom competitions you’ll need these things:

  • Boys: Black shoes, black socks (not the no-show ones, please have them come up the ankle a bit), black church pants, optional black belt, white long sleeved button up church shirt, any color tie. Boys on the Jr./Youth competition team(s) will need dance shoes and Latin pants (instead of church shoes and church pants). We’ll order shoes and Latin pants together in the fall.
  • Girls: Tan ballroom shoes, tan tights (girls on the Jr/Youth competition team(s) will also need fishnet tights and false eyelashes), tan leotard, black knee length skirt, black trunks, white blouse (any style, but make sure it’s long enough when you raise your arms, and high enough when you bend over), white undershirt if needed under your blouse. We’ll be placing an order for shoes, trunks, leotards, fishnets, tan tights, and syllabus skirts in the fall.


I can’t stress enough to please, please, please have your dancer in class and on time each week. They need to be in attendance to learn and progress. Payments are the same amount per month whether your dancer attends class or not. If your dancer needs to miss a class due to illness, please send me a quick text message so his/her teacher will know they won’t be attending.


Tuition, costume fees, and the concert fee are added up and divided into equal monthly payments, due on the first of each month, September through April. The payments are the same every month, even in November and December when we have fewer classes. You can pre-pay for as much of the dance season as you’d like, or you can pay month to month. Your monthly payment is due on the first of the month, and a $20 late fee is given if payment isn’t received by the 10th. If your dancer withdraws from classes mid-year their full costume balance will be due, and any amounts you’ve paid will be forfeited. Ballroom students will forfeit their commitment deposit. Our program is designed as a 8 month session, and dancers are asked to complete all 8 months.

Be on time

Please have your dancer to class about 5 minutes early so they’ll have time to change shoes, but not too much earlier unless previous arrangements have been made with us. Pointe students need more time to change shoes (and they’re usually the ones racing in late). Please be on time dropping off and picking up your dancer. If dancers miss the warm up time at the first of class they can get injured more easily. But if it’s a decision of whether to be late or not come at all, please bring them!

Please be on time picking up your dancer after class. They’ll need about 5 minutes to change shoes then little dancers start to worry when their ride isn’t there. Older dancers don’t worry, but they get loud and disruptive to the next class starting. We’ve had a problem with dancers being here 30+ minutes past their class time when it was our last class of the day. Please be courteous of your teachers and pick up your dancers on time. If you have a big emergency and can’t make it on time (car accident, etc.) please call my cell phone at 208-589-0382 so we know why you’re late, and we’ll watch your child for a while. If you’re late because the line was long at the grocery store, that’s not really an emergency and you need to be here.  🙂  Please make every effort to be on time. Thanks!

If you’d like your dancer to ride the bus here after school, come early or stay late (because their siblings are in classes, or because they want to play with my kids) they’re totally welcome to be here! We love having friends over. I just need to be made aware of it so someone can be here to watch them. They also need to be quiet and courteous to the classes that are going on, so as to not disturb class.

Parking Map and Drop-Off, Pick-Up Instructions

Safety is our number one priority. Please have your dancer wait inside the front door or on the porch until you are here to pick them up. It’s important for your dancer to be to class 5 minutes early so they have time to change shoes. After their class ends please give them a few minutes to change shoes again before you pick them up. If everyone will do the 5 minute early/5 minute after class drop off and pick up, it will REALLY reduce the congestion in the driveway because everyone won’t be here at the same time. Thanks!