Shoe Swap Day, registration day

Join us for our Shoe Swap Day, Registration Day!

DATE: Monday, August 28, 2017

TIME:  9:00-11:00

PLACE: At the studio

Come and have any questions answered for the upcoming dance season! We’ll have registration forms there that you can fill out if you or your friends haven’t registered yet. You can sign up for auto-pay for your monthly tuition payments (bring a cancelled check with you), or make any payments towards the dance season.

You can order any dance supplies your dancer may need. We’ll have team shirts, team jackets, dance items, and dance shoes that your dancer can try on and order. All Items must be paid for when ordering.

We also like having a Shoe Swap Day every year, and it will be this day as well. This is a great way to share your dance hand-me-downs with other dancers from our studio. HOW THE SHOE SWAP WORKS: you’re welcome to donate any dance related items that no longer fit your dancer. If there is anything that your dancer could use, you’re welcome to have it. You don’t need to donate items to take items. If there is a more expensive item that you’d like to sell (rather than donate), attach an envelope to your item with your asking price, your name, and phone number. If someone would like to purchase your item they can put their money in the envelope and turn it in. We’ll make sure you get it when you come to class. You can donate items for the shoe swap anytime throughout the summer, or bring items with you that day.



  • Black church pants
  • Black ballroom shoes for boys/teens
  • Black church shoes
  • Black Latin pants
  • White long sleeved church shirts
  • Ties – any color
  • Bow ties – any color
  • Bow ties – any color
  • Black suspenders
  • Black church vests
  • Team shirts
  • Team jackets
  • Dance bags
  • Girls tan ballroom shoes
  • Black trunks (modesty shorts)
  • Black knee length skirts
  • White blouses – any style
  • Tan leotards
  • Pink ballet shoes
  • Black leotard
  • Black ballet skirts