Where to Buy

Where to Buy Ballet Things

  • Pink ballet shoes: Please don’t get the “ballet shoes” that are sold in stores like Walmart, Target, and Payless. They’re poorly made and dancers end up being frustrated with them. The “leather” doesn’t bend when the dancers pointe their feet, and they just don’t fit well. If our youngest little pre-ballet students want these shoes, that would be fine, but nice ones are the same price and are much easier to dance in. The best place to buy ballet shoes is The Dance Shop in Idaho Falls. Their shoes aren’t any more expensive than at the other stores and often times they’re less expensive, but they’re WAY better! They have ballet shoes in narrow, medium, and wide widths. The shoes pointe nicely and look good on the dancers’ feet. And the ladies there know how to fit ballet shoes properly. PLEASE take your dancer with you when you go to buy the shoes, they need to try them on to get a proper fit. The Dance Shop is located in Idaho Falls on west Broadway in a pink sandstone home, kind of across from Arby’s between Jiffy Lube and Auto Zone. They have weird hours, so be sure to call before you go!!! Their number is 208-523-3731. If you mention that you’re from my studio they give you a 10% discount.
  • Black leotards: Sometimes the dancers need to wear their black leotards under their costumes for performances, so please have them get a short sleeved, plain black leotard without an attached skirt. Dancers can wear any style of black leotard to class. Younger dancers can find short sleeved black leotards at Walmart and at The Dance Shop (details above). Older dancers can get leotards at The Dance Shop (details above) or I can order some for you at our Parent Meeting/Dance Swap Day. You can buy your leotards anywhere, just make sure they’re plain black with a scoop neck and short sleeves, no cut outs, etc.
  • Pink tights: Younger dancers can get inexpensive tights at stores like Walmart. Don’t get the more expensive shiny pink ones that are by the leotards. Just get the plain pink ones. Dancers will probably go through several pair of tights, so you may want to get extra while you’re there. I have nice convertible foot ballet tights in all sizes at the studio if you’d like to get some when you come to the Parent Meeting/Dance Swap Day or throughout the year. They also sell them at The Dance Shop. Dancers that are on pointe, and dancers that are in both ballet and ballroom will need convertible foot tights.
  • Black ballet skirts: Please don’t send your dancer to class is tutus, these are for recital only. For class they can choose to wear a simple, short black ballet skirt if they’d like to. Younger dancers can get them at Walmart or at The Dance Shop. Walmart is less expensive for the skirts, but The Dance Shop ones are really nice. Either style is totally fine. Older dancers can choose to wear skirts or trunks.
  • Black trunks: Younger ballet students don’t need them. Teens can wear them if they’d like to. The Dance Shop usually has them, or you can order some through me at our Parent Meeting/Dance Swap Day. Dancers that are in both ballet and ballroom will need black trunks for ballroom and for our concert.
  • Pointe shoes: You’ll need to call Becky at The Dance Shop to schedule an appointment for a pointe shoe fitting. Her number is 208-403-1790. She has extensive training and experience fitting pointe shoes. I’d recommend going as soon as possible, as some styles/sizes sell out in the rush when classes are about to start. Please give yourself plenty of time for your appointment. It might take over an hour to be fitted for your first pair. Pointe shoes are VERY specialized in shank type, box shape, etc. and a proper fit needs to be found.  This being said, don’t EVER buy pointe shoes online! They need to be fit to each dancer. And please don’t buy pointe shoes until you’ve been invited to dance on pointe. They can cause injuries if your body and technique isn’t strong enough for them.