Civic Performance date changed!

Our January 23 performance at the Civic Auditorium is going to be postponed. The TENTATIVE date it might be rescheduled is Saturday, February 27th. Please leave that whole morning, daytime, and evening open in case that’s the day it’ll be held. I’ll let you know more details as soon as I hear anything! 

For our new families that haven’t been to the Civic Performance before, it’s a fun, BIG performance with all of the ballroom teams in our area. Our dancers always have a really fun time and we’re really hopeful that it can still happen! After we received the email from the organizers, we asked what the reasons are for postponing. This was sent to us coaches: 

“I have had several of you ask what the restrictions are in January so here are the details. They will only allow 10 people in the building  that includes  the 2 crew people at the civic.  So at the most we would only have 8 people.  Most routines have more than 4 couples.  And there would be no audience. And since it cost several  thousand  to do this concert and the audience  is how we pay for that I just see the restrictions in January as too severe to work around.  I am sooooo hopeful that February will be better.  As it would be the 27th of February, that gives us almost  2 months  and with the  vaccine coming out I’m hoping things will get better and restrictions will open up. Thanks for being understanding! I hope this works out for everyone.  I know my dancers love this concert and are hoping it will work out to hold it.”

 Keep your fingers crossed that it will still be held this year!!! But if it doesn’t happen, then Emily and I will plan a performance on February 27th so our dancers can still perform for their parents . We want our dancers to have fun experiences and want them to be able to perform!   🙂   
Please watch for email updates. 
We’ll see everyone in class! (Remember to review your dances!)

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