Picture Day Information – Saturday, April 17 at the Studio

INFO Cathy Eldridge Photography is coming to take pictures of all of our teams in costume. I like to get nice pictures to hang in the studio and Cathy always does a beautiful job. We’d love to have everyone in the pictures whether you’d like to purchase any or not. But if you’ll be out of town please let me know ahead of time, and we’ll miss you!! But again, we’d love it if everyone else could please come! 🙂 

PARENT HELP NEEDED We need parents to come to the basement studio with your dancers to help make sure everyone changes quickly, and to make sure your team’s costumes are ready to be transported to Spring Concert at the end of picture day. It should only take you a few minutes but we’d REALLY appreciate your help! Costumes need to be hung up nicely, zipped in their costume bags, put in their bins, and are all counted, organized, and ready to go! Everything is organized and labeled so hopefully it should go smoothly if everyone helps. I can’t be downstairs this time, so we really need the dancers and parents to make sure it goes smoothly. Thank you so much!!! 



  • Remember to be freshly showered and wear antiperspirant, please.
  • No perfumes, body glitter, marker on hands, dark nail polish, etc. Just be clean and nice looking.
  • Hair and makeup done like you have it for performances
  • Ballroom shoes (Also cabaret shoes, Lindy shoes for girls on those teams)
  • Tan tights 
  • (Jr/Yth girls also need fishnets) 
  • Tan leotard 
  • Tan bra 
  • (April Showers girls need their black trunks) 
  • (Mario/Luigi girls need their black leggings and we have extras if you need some) 
  • (Cabaret girls- black short sleeved leo & black leggings. If you don’t have any please talk to me.) 


  • Remember to be freshly showered and wear antiperspirant, please. 
  • No cologne, marker on hands, etc. Just be clean and nice looking. 
  • Hair nicely done (is it time for a haircut?) 
  • Ballroom shoes 
  • Black socks that come up the leg a bit *Every year someone forgets their socks, please remember them!
  • Latin pants 
  • White long sleeved shirt, nicely ironed (for all boys except for Show Team and Cannon)


You’re not required to purchase any, but for those of you interested in purchasing pictures: 

Digital Download or Prints- 

  • Digital Download with print release is $10 
  • Print prices: 
    • Wallets: $9 
    • 4×6: $5
    • 5×7: $8 
    • 8×10: $12 

Team pictures: We’ll be taking pictures of the teams in all of their costumes. If you’d like to purchase any of the team pictures they don’t require payment on picture day. When the pictures are ready, I’ll send you the link to Cathy’s website and she’ll tell us how to access our studio’s album. You’ll be able to view all of the pictures, select what you’d like to purchase, and pay for them on her website when you order them. 

Individual pictures: You can choose if you’d like any additional pictures taken of your dancer (in addition to the team pictures). Some ideas are: pictures with their partner, with friends, with siblings, with all of the girls on the team, with all of the boys on the team, alone, etc. (all of these pictures are referred to as “Individual Pictures” to make it simple.) 

*Individual pictures require a $10 deposit to be paid on picture day. (two individual pictures means a $20 deposit, one individual picture means a $10 deposit, etc.) If one dancer pays a deposit for a picture of him/her and friends, the other dancers are not required to pay the deposit again. They can simply order a copy of the picture if they wish (The individual pictures will be on her website with our team pictures). You can pay with cash, check, or venmo. 

*Taking individual pictures: On picture day we’ll take the individual pictures mixed in throughout the team pictures, when you’re in the costume you want for the individual picture. You’ll be given a paper when you pay your deposit, and you’ll give that paper to the photographer. (If your sibling needs to change to a different costume than what they’re in, that’s totally fine, we can work with you. Just tell us what you want and we can make it work!) 

*Using your $10 deposit: When the pictures are ready for purchase, the person that paid the deposit will receive a code that you can redeem at checkout. For example: if you spend $20 on deposits, you’ll receive $20 towards your purchase. So if you order 2 digital downloads for $20 you will put in the code and you’ll owe $0. If you paid a $20 deposit and you only spend $14 in prints, then you forfeit the remaining $6. If you paid a $20 deposit and you order $30 worth of pictures, you’ll apply the code and just pay the remaining $10 at checkout. ….hopefully all of that makes sense…. If you have questions, a lady will be at picture day to help. 


  1. Parents are encouraged to stay and help, please. We especially need help in the basement, making sure everyone changes quickly and that costumes get packed back up after pictures so they’re ready to be transported to the concert. Thanks in advance for your help! I won’t be able to be down there… 
  2. When dancers arrive, they should go directly to the basement studio and get their first costume on.
  3. Come out to the big studio as soon as you’re changed. 
  4. If you’re wanting to get individual pictures taken, check in at the table and pay your deposit (keep your paper with you for pictures) 
  5. Get your ballroom shoes on and line up with your team. 
  6. We’ll be taking pictures in all of the different costumes. Check the order to know which costume to get into first.


**Rather than having EVERYONE there the entire time we assigned times for each team to come, but the only way this works is if everyone is on time! PLEASE give yourselves enough time to get ready, do hair and makeup, etc. so you’re on time. Pack your things early in the week so you have everything. 

CABARET TEAM – be there by 9:30am
1st routine- You Will Be Found
2nd routine – Zombie 

JR/YTH SILVER TEAM – those that aren’t on Cabaret need to be there by 10:00am
1st routine – Monsters, Inc. 
2nd routine – Mario/Luigi 
3rd routine – April Showers 
(those not on add’l teams will be finished by 11:45 if we’re running on time) 

PRETEEN BLUE (Wed 5:30 team) – be there by 10:10am 
1st routine – A Whole New World 
2nd routine – Friends are Family 
(you’ll be finished by 11:25 if we’re running on time) 

JR/YTH RED – those that aren’t on Cabaret need to be there by 10:20am 
1st routine – Mario/Luigi 
2nd routine – Libertango 
3rd routine – Thneedville 
(you’ll be finished by 12:15 if we’re running on time) 

JR/YTH BLUE – those that aren’t on Cabaret need to be there by 11:00am 
1st routine – When You’re Smiling 
2nd routine – Dance With Me 
3rd routine – Do the Distance 
(you’ll be finished by 12:30 if we’re running on time) 

PRETEEN RED (Wed 7:00 team) – be there by 11:30am 
1st routine – Tango Fuerte’ 
2nd routine – I Just Can’t Wait to be King 
(you’ll be finished by 1:00 if we’re running on time) 

SHOW TEAM – be there by 12:00 
1st routine – Pirates 
2nd routine – Under the Sea 
(you’ll be finished by 1:20 if we’re running on time)

McKinley, Jacob – Open
Bella, Jacob – Solo Cabaret
You Will Be Found 
Monsters, Inc. 
A Whole New World
Friends Are Family 
April Showers 
When You’re Smiling
Dance With Me Tonight
Tango Fuerte’ 
Go the Distance 
I Just Can’t Wait to be King
Under the Sea

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