Spring Concert details, and drawing for a FREE MONTH’S TUITION

The Dance Conservatory’s Spring Concert 2021

We’re so excited that we can have our concert this year, it’s always a lot of fun! All of our teams will be performing their team routines and the concert will last approximately one hour. Our PreTeen Teams, Jr/Yth Teams, Show Team, Cabaret Team, and Open couples will all be performing. Our studio is always really careful to have modest costumes, music, and choreography, so everything will be fun and classy! We have really great kids on our teams and they’ve been working hard and doing a great job! Emily is an amazing teacher and she’s done a lot of really nice routines, and I’ve been working hard on all the costumes. We’re excited to share them with you! 

We’ll be having a dress rehearsal on stage during the day that the dancers will need to be to, then they’ll need to be early to the concert that evening. Watch for additional information as it gets closer. Dancers will be staying backstage with their team for the entire performance, then they’ll need to help put away costumes and clean up the dressing rooms after the performance. We need a lot of parent helpers, if you’ll check the list below and see what works best for you and let me know if you’re available to help out. Thanks in advance!  🙂 

Here is some information, and watch for additional information as it gets closer! 

Saturday, April 24th, 2021
Madison Jr. High School
134 Madison Ave, Rexburg
7:00 pm
Admission: $5/person


For dress rehearsal each team will have time on stage to set spacing, lights, entrances, exits, etc. for each of their dances. It’s very important that everyone is there. We’re running the dress rehearsal in full costume with hair and makeup done. We have a photographer that will be taking action shots for our website during dress rehearsal, so everyone needs to look their best and remember their shoes, etc. The dress rehearsal will be quite long (4+hours!) but we don’t make everyone stay the entire time. We’ll be assigning each team a specific time to be there but the only way it will work is if EVERYONE is on time, please! We had a handful of dancers that were late to the Civic dress rehearsal and/or the Civic performance, and some dancers are consistently late to their team. Please be on time!!! If you usually run late to things then come ½ hour early and surprise us!  🙂  


Madison Jr. High School’s auditorium. You’ll come to the auditorium to get directions to your dressing room, then change in your dressing room and return to the auditorium. 


The entire dress rehearsal is from 11:00-4:00 but you won’t need to be there the entire time. Watch for an email as it gets closer and we’ll tell you specific times to be there.


Full stage makeup
Hair slicked into a nice, secure bun like you had it for the Civic Performance
No jewelry, watches, marker on hands, glitter, etc. 
Please be freshly showered and wear antiperspirant, no strong perfumes. 
Team shoes  
Tan tights
Jr/Yth girls also need fishnets (I have tights and fishnets available if anyone needs more) 
Tan bra with regular straps (no sports bras or funky colors, please)
Tan leotard (several girls forgot theirs for the Civic performance, but they’re required)
Black trunks
Black syllabus skirt
Blue team shirt 
Mario/Luigi girls need their black leggings (I also have some if you need some)
Cabaret girls need their black leggings and short sleeved black leotards
Bring a water bottle with your name on it, you might also want non-messy snacks. 

Nice hair – Is it time for a haircut?
No jewelry, watches, marker on hands, etc. 
Please be freshly showered and wear antiperspirant, no strong cologne. 
Team shoes
Black socks that come up the ankle a bit 
Latin pants
Black compression shorts
Long sleeved white church shirt, nicely ironed
Blue team shirt 
Bring a water bottle with your name on it, you might also want non-messy snacks


The school isn’t strict about this and is letting us do what we’d like so we’re not limiting numbers, we’re not practicing social distancing, and we’re not requiring masks. If anyone feels uncomfortable about being in a crowded auditorium, they’re welcome to purchase a DVD of the performance to enjoy in their homes at a later time. (Others are welcome to order DVD’s as well, of course!) 

Tickets are $5/person for everyone that will be attending the concert. We kindly suggest that younger children might enjoy the evening more if they were left with a babysitter? But of course it’s up to each individual family what they’d like to do.    (I LOVE children! Please don’t misunderstand my intentions.) 

Tickets may be purchased in class, at the dress rehearsal, and at the door. Cash with exact change is fastest and is preferred, but cards will also be accepted at the door. 


We REALLY appreciate how kind and helpful our dance families have been this year. You’re truly amazing, thank you!!!! We have a few more opportunities for you to help the team this year. Please let me know ASAP if you, a family member, or a friend would be available to help with any of these things.  (Thanks in advance!) 

*Loading and unloading costumes:
Meet at the studio Friday night April 23 (or arrange a different time), and load costumes into your vehicle. At the school Saturday morning you’ll need to be there a bit early so the dancers can carry the costumes to the dressing rooms. After the concert you’ll load the costumes back into your vehicle and drive them back to the studio. You’ll need a bigger, enclosed vehicle like an SUV or a van. 

*Setting up for dress rehearsal: 
We need lots of helpers Saturday morning at 10:50 am, sweeping, taping the stage, pinning curtains, hanging Christmas lights backstage, hanging paper in the dressing room windows, unloading costumes, etc. 

*Folding programs:
The programs all need to be folded in half. You could fold them while you watch your dancer during dress rehearsal. 

*Selling tickets:
We need two people to sell tickets in the lobby the night of the performance, starting at 5:50pm. Once the show starts you can stand by the door to watch the first few numbers then you can find a seat between numbers. People selling tickets need to be nicely dressed and be patient and kind. You won’t need to pay admission to the show.  

Being an usher for the show:
We need an usher at each auditorium door (two doors) the night of the performance, starting at 5:50 pm. You’ll be taking tickets and handing out programs. Once the show starts you’ll sell tickets to latecomers and watch the show from the doors. This is a great option for someone that would enjoy watching the show from a non-crowded area, standing in the doorway. It’s also a great option for someone’s college age son/daughter/neighbor that would like to do some nice service. Ushers need to be nicely dressed and be very kind. You won’t need to pay admission to the show.   

Costume counting and organizing after the show:
The dancers are asked to hang up and organize their costumes after the performance, but we need a few parents/teens to double check everything, count costume pieces, bag up the costumes for transport, and help carry them out to the vehicles. 

Dressing room clean up:
The dancers are asked to clean up their dressing rooms after the performance, but we need parents/teens to help double check everything, make sure the rooms are left in extra nice condition, and take the paper off the windows in the doors.  

Stage clean up:
We need helpers to take the tape off the stage floor, take down the Christmas lights backstage, and clean up any random things that may have been left. 



Jay Hildebrandt (formerly of Local News 8) will be recording our Spring Concert. He does it for us every year and does a great job. You’ll be able to order a DVD or blu-ray of the concert, if you’d like. They’re $20 if ordered in advance, or $25 after the concert. We’ll be getting the order forms out to you in April. 


Every year at Spring Concert we do a drawing for a free month’s tuition! This is a fun reminder and good motivation to get registered early for next year’s dance season. When dancers register early it helps us in determining team sizes and setting schedules for next year. We also accept registration during the summer, but the earlier we receive your registration the better. Your friends are also welcome to register early and be in the drawing.  If you know that your dancer will be dancing with us next year, and if you’d like to be entered in the drawing for a FREE MONTH’S TUITION, make sure to do the following two things before midnight on Thursday, April 22nd: 

  1. Register through the link on our website:  rigbydanceconservatory.com and pay your registration fee of $50/family per year. If you have questions about specific classes just do your best when registering then we’ll help you with any questions and set teams this summer. 
  2. Go on Google, search for “Dance Conservatory” and leave us a review! Hopefully positive, if you like our studio enough to want to dance here again?  🙂 
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