Utah Competition location changed

The Utah Competition for our three Jr/Yth Teams is hopefully still happening… I haven’t heard 100% for sure, but it’s sounding promising! Here are all of the updates…. The competition was going to be held at the Legacy Event Center in Farmington but the state of Utah took it over to use the building as an immunization clinic and cancelled ALL events that were scheduled there. The competition organizers were able to book Westside High School in Dayton, Idaho, 40 minutes north of Logan, for the competition. They’ve been checking with all of us coaches to see who would be interested in attending to see if the numbers will work out to hold it. Of course I told them that we’d like to attend! I haven’t heard back yet if they’re for sure doing it still, but it’s looking promising so I’m going ahead with our plans. I’m researching hotels in the Logan area, changing reservations with our team bus, Pizza Pie Cafe, etc. and cancelling our other reservations in Farmington. I’ll update you when we know FOR SURE that things are set! But ya, we’re still planning on it and we’re still hopeful! The good news is that with this new location two parents would be allowed to attend the competition for each dancer!  🙂  We still want all of our dancers to travel together on our team bus and stay together in our hotel. This trip is always a really fun team-bonding experience for the dancers!!! If parents would like to drive down to the competition and watch your dancers, that’s a fun option for you! But please still allow your dancer to be with the team, it’s so fun for them to be with their friends and is so important. 
I’ll update you as I get more information!

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