Welcome to The Dance Conservatory
Southeast Idaho’s studio for classical ballet and ballroom

The Dance Conservatory was established in 2003 by Annette Thomas. She is a former member of the Mountain West Youth Ballet Company, and attended college on a full dance scholarship, majoring in dance. All of our teachers are carefully selected to provide the best training in a positive environment for your children.

The Dance Conservatory is a privately owned studio located two miles east of Rigby at the Thomas’ home. There are two studios, both featuring specialty “floating” wood dance floors, mirrors and barres.

We are proud to offer classical ballet, pointe for advanced ballet students, and ballroom. We offer instruction in all levels of dance, beginning through advanced. We strive to keep our classes small to provide individualized attention to each dancer. Our small classes and attentive teachers allow each student to learn proper technique and choreography, and allow each dancer to achieve their personal best.

All of our dancers perform in our yearly recital held each spring. In addition, our ballet students perform at the Festival of Trees in Idaho Falls in November. All of our ballroom students compete syllabus a a competition in Rexburg (usually held the first Saturday in December). Our PreTeen, Junior, and Youth ballroom teams also compete at Gem State Classic in Idaho Falls (usually held in March) and perform in the Eastern Idaho Ballroom Concert at the Civic Auditorium in Idaho Falls (usually held in January). Our Junior and Youth teams also compete at a ballroom competition in Logan, Utah (usually held in February).

Our studio has an equal payment plan, so you pay the same amount every month for dance, September through May (our dance season). We total up all of the class tuition that will be owed, the concert fee, and costume fees, then we divide that amount into equal monthly payments. It makes it easier for families to budget, and allows them to know ahead of time what will be expected of them throughout the dance season. The ballroom competition fees aren’t included in the monthly payments, and are approx. $12 for the December competition, approx $40/dancer for Gem State, and approx $65 for our Jr/Youth dancers competing in Logan (including travel fees).

We realize that families have many things competing for their time so we’re really careful and selective with our scheduling. We want families to be able to participate in dance without it completely taking over their schedules and budgets. Dance is such a fun, beautiful, uplifting art form and a great form of exercise. We want to make it affordable and available to everyone.

If your dancer has had years of dance training, they’ll feel right at home here. But if they’re brand new and have never danced before, or if they’ve only had a year or two, they’ll fit right in, too. We have a spot for everyone. If you’re new to our studio, look over our website and hopefully you’ll see all of the information you need to know. But if you ever have any questions please contact us!

Dance Conservatory Testimonials

My son has had such a positive experience working with the Dance Conservatory.  They seem to have the right balance of expecting greatness yet being low key and dancing for the fun of it.  They are great at communication and keeping costs down.  I also love that they pick costumes and music that fall in line with my values.  My son looks forward to going to dance each week.  It has been a positive learning and growing experience for him.   – Kami

My eleven year old daughter decided she wanted to do ballet.  Even though I live in Idaho Falls, we chose The Dance Conservatory in Rigby because I know Annette and how attentive she is.  She sees the beauty in each dancer and draws it out of them.  She is very positive with the dancers.  The other reason we chose it was because of modesty.  I wanted my daughter to experience beauty and grace and not to be subjected to baseness in any way.  She has blossomed and spends time at home practicing her steps.  She has enjoyed it more than I anticipated she would. Sincerely – DW

This is my family’s third year with The Dance Conservatory and I’ve been so impressed with every aspect of this business! Annette is very careful to hire teachers who love working with youth and children and who will teach them proper technique. At The Dance Conservatory, instruction is given in a warm, encouraging, and inspiring way. Each of my children is being challenged at a level that is appropriate for their age and ability. We look forward to many more great years with The Dance Conservatory! – Cosette

My two youngest daughters have danced with Annette Thomas for several years. They love it! And I appreciate that Annette is so willing to work with us and really cares about how they are doing! She is knowledgeable, keeps her class sizes small, and works really hard to make sure they are dancing in modest costumes to appropriate music. My girls are very busy, and Annette makes sure that dance does NOT rule our schedule. I highly recommend The Dance Conservatory to anyone who enjoys ballet or ballroom! -Katherine

My family moved out of the country for 6 months for my dad’s job. I was able to take ballet while I was there. My instructor was from England and he had trained in Russia. The dancers were from various countries and all spoke different languages. The entire class was taught in French. When the instructor said the names of the ballet steps (tendu, rond de jambe, glissade, etc) I could understand what he was saying and could do the steps. I’m thankful that I learned proper ballet technique with the correct terminology at The Dance Conservatory.      –Debra, 15 years old

“My son LOVES taking ballroom dance at The Dance Conservatory! He loves the types of dances and loves competing. This has been a wonderful experience for him!” Janis