Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We want dance to be a positive experience for dancers as well as their families. We know that there are a lot of demands on families schedules and budgets so we try really hard to be respectful of both. We’re careful when we select events to participate in so we don’t over-schedule families or demand too much from their budgets. We try to keep our costs down and keep our schedules as simple as possible. We also know that sometimes families’ schedules are like puzzles with each piece fitting in carefully, so we don’t like surprising families with last minute rehearsals, etc. because it has a ripple effect on the whole family. We respect your time and schedules and let you know of things well in advance. When we need to schedule anything extra (like picture day, an extra rehearsal, etc.) we tell you as early as possible so you can arrange your schedules. We also expect the same consideration in return and ask that families let us know ahead of time when their dancer will be out of town, when they’re sick, etc. If your dancer will be late or needs to miss class for any reason we ask that you please text Annette at 208-589-0382 and she’ll let the teachers know.


We make sure that all of our costumes are modest, look nice, and that they fit each individual dancer and are appropriate for the style of dance they’re doing. All costumes are rented and dancers are expected to take care of them and return them in good condition. Ballroom costumes are a bit unique, because they usually can’t be ordered pre-made from a company like ballet or jazz costumes can be. Most of our costumes are custom-made for our dancers. We design them to fit the style of each dance, make patterns, shop for fabric, cut them out and sew them, alter them to fit each individual dancer, and accessorize them. Countless hours go into making each costume, then more time goes into packing and transporting them for performances and competitions, then cleaning, mending, organizing, and storing them. We keep our costume fees as affordable as possible to help families’ budgets but we also want our dancers to look nice and professional and have nice costumes, so it’s a careful balancing act! Each dancer has a costume fee due on October 1st. Girls costumes cost more than boys costumes, so that’s why girls costume fees are higher.


Dress Code

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