• News & Announcements page is our primary form of communication. It will be updated regularly with information you need to know about upcoming performances, competitions, etc.
  • Calendar will be updated regularly with studio events, days off from dance, upcoming performances, competitions, etc.
  • Our studio’s Private Facebook Page has videos posted of syllabus and choreography for our PreTeen and Jr/Yth teams so they can practice at home. It will also have pictures and videos posted from our competitions and occasional, fun, dance related things. This page is for our dancers and their parents only, and no outside selling or other type of posts are allowed. To access our private page (if you don’t already have access from last year) send a Facebook friend request to Emily Wood or Annette Thomas, then message us and ask to be added to the page.
  • Text Annette at 208-589-0382 if you have any questions or concerns, or if your dancer will be absent or late. You can also email any questions to: [email protected] Please DON’T text or email teachers unless you’re coordinating open lessons with Emily.


  • Students are expected to be at all classes, practices, performances, and competitions. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back the student themselves and the entire class. But if your student will be absent or late, please text Annette at 208-589-0382 and she’ll let the teacher know.
  • If a Jr/Yth dancer misses class it is their responsibility to review and learn the things they missed before their next class. Videos are regularly posted on our private Facebook page for our dancers to use for learning and review. But please note that watching the Facebook videos is NOT the same thing as being in class. Time is spent in class working on technique, cleaning choreography and formations, etc. so dancers should make every effort to be in class.
  • There are no refunds or deductions for missed classes.

Be on time

Please have your dancer to class a couple minutes before it starts so they’ll have time to change shoes and be ready for class, but please don’t bring them earlier than that unless arrangements have been made with us. Please pick up your dancer right after class ends so they’re not having to wait for their ride. Please be courteous of our teachers’ time, especially after the last class of the day. Teachers aren’t allowed to leave until all of their students have been picked up, and it’s not courteous to keep them waiting. If you have a true emergency and can’t make it on time (car accident, etc.) please call Annette at 208-589-0382 so we know why you’re late. (If you’re late because the line was long at the grocery store or you forgot about picking up your child, that’s not a true emergency). If you’re consistently late your account will be charged to cover the teachers extra time. Please make every effort to be on time.

Dropping off / Picking up dancers

As you pull into the studio please stay to your right, then circle around the parking lot in a counter-clockwise circle staying to your right as you leave. (See the attached parking map for instructions). PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND WATCH FOR DANCERS! Safety is our highest priority. Please drop off and pick up your dancers in front of the studio door or in front of the porch, depending where their class is held. We ask that dancers stay on the cement pad of the big studio or on the front porch until their ride gets to get them. We don’t want dancers running out through the cars to get to their ride. Please pull around to pick them up. If you need/want to park for any reason, please see the attached map for parking instructions. If you’d like to walk your littlest dancers into class, please park out in the parking lot and hold their hand as you walk them to the porch. Please don’t park in the way of other parents dropping off/picking up their dancers. Thanks for your cooperation. If we all work together things run a lot smoother and safer.

dance studio parking map

Observing class

Dancers pay attention better and work harder when they’re not distracted by family members and/or friends observing class. We have an open door policy so you can observe part of class if you ever need to, but dancers learn best when you don’t. Most parents drop off their dancers then go and run errands or something. We have your phone numbers and can call you if we ever have an emergency or need you for anything. We love our dance parents, you guys are AMAZING! But we just want the dancers to get the most out of their class time.

Studio closures

Please check the calendar for when we have scheduled holidays. In addition, if Rigby schools are closed due to bad weather or other circumstances, we won’t be having dance that day either (check your email for studio closures). We generally don’t do make-up classes when dance has to be cancelled for things out of our control, but we put in a LOT of extra hours helping the dancers at performances and competitions that we’re not compensated for, so we feel that’s fair. Tuition is based on having 3 to 5 classes per month. You’re not charged extra for months that have 5 classes, and not charged less for months with 3 or 4 classes. If there’s ever a month with less than 3 classes we’ll schedule a make up class or refund part of tuition. Credit is not given if students miss class for absences.


We believe that it’s just as important to be a GOOD PERSON as it is to be a GOOD DANCER. Our dancers (and their families and guests when they’re at dance events) are expected to be kind, respectful, and have good sportsmanship. Dance is supposed to be FUN and we don’t need/want drama or problems on our team. Dancers are expected to work hard in class, be respectful to their teacher and teammates, and help us have a positive, fun environment. Dancers on our Jr/Yth and PreTeen teams should review their choreography and syllabus at home (as directed by their teachers) and come to class prepared. When everyone works hard, does their best, and has good attitudes, then we can have fun, successful teams.

Groups of at least 3

Since we have boys and girls dancing together on our teams, we have a rule that dancers must stay in groups of at least 3 at all times. This includes practices, backstage at performances and competitions, before and after class, etc. This ends up being a fun rule because dancers invite more teammates to be in the group setting with them. It helps dancers get to know more people on their team, and helps things stay classy, fun, and safe. To protect our teachers and dancers, this rule also applies to our teachers. They’re not allowed to be with a student one-on-one. If a dancer’s ride is late picking them up, another student has to stay with them until both students can be picked up. We’re all good people, but rules are in place to protect everyone.


We encourage our students NOT to have romantic relationships (or crushes, etc.) with other members of our team. It makes things awkward and causes problems throughout the year if they do. Dancers are encouraged to keep friendships at a casual level and be friends with everyone on the team.

Photos / videos

The Dance Conservatory photographs and videotapes our students in class and performances/competitions. Our PreTeen and Jr/Yth teachers post videos of their teams’ syllabus and choreography on our private studio Facebook page so dancers can review and practice at home. Usually the teacher will record the routines the last few minutes of class. We also post pictures of our dancers at competitions and at our Summer Ballroom Workshop. By registering at our studio you agree that your dancers picture/video may be taken and that you consent to the use of the pictures/videos for promotional and learning purposes. Performance/competition videos and pictures may be shared by our dance families with their families and friends.


Our costumes are all carefully selected/made to ensure the dancers modesty, and to fit the style of dance they’re doing. Dancers rent our costumes, and need to make sure they’re kept in good condition and that all the pieces are returned at the end of the dance season.

Full year commitment

When you register for any of our teams you’re committing to the full dance season, September through April. Teams don’t work if you withdraw your child mid-year because we have very specific, set choreography with the numbers of dancers that are on each team. It also doesn’t work when your dancer misses performances or competitions because their assigned dance partners are left without a partner, and formations and choreography are messed up without all of the dancers there. Please consider carefully what level of commitment you’ll have before enrolling your children in ballroom teams.

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