Registration for 2024-2025

It’s time to register for the 2024-2025 dance season! You can find details about our different teams in the “Team Info” section of the website then follow the link at the top of the website to log into your Parent Portal account and add the team(s) you’d LIKE to be on. This gives us an idea of what teams you’d prefer. After you’ve registered please attend the Team Placement Day for your age group (Preteen ages 9-12 or Junior/Youth ages 13-17). Once we’ve had our Team Placement Days, the Lift Team Audition, and posted the team lists, I’ll adjust the classes in everyone’s Parent Portal accounts as necessary. 

***Girls that are new to our studio are required to register with a boy that’s also new to our studio, of similar age and ability level. Ages 9-12 for Preteen Teams and ages 13-17 for our Jr/Yth Teams. Please tell us who you’re registering with on your registration form in the comment section, and have him list you on his registration form as well. This is just to help our boy/girl ratio, you won’t be their assigned partner for the year. Everyone switches partners and has the opportunity to dance with everyone on their team. 

***Please ask if you have any questions, I’m happy to help. Annette. 208-589-0382

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